Friday, October 24, 2008

Beasts of Terror -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

Beasts of Terror

The Wolf Man does cometh

And he did. He came in 4 DVDs nicely packed in plastic wrapping that was near impossible to open. So, I guess he almost didn’t cometh.

The four DVDs I saw were:

Moon of the Wolf
Scream of the Wolf
Snow Beast
Wolf Man

This was one of them special low priced bonus movie packs. Contains four DVDs on two disks. These movies were quite good for the time they were made, and you may notice a few faces in their early careers. I did.

Two of the movies were real good, one was excellent due to the surprise twist. Only one didn’t work for me and that was Snow Beast. In this movie we were at a ski resort. At the beginning we witness a death via a beast, white as the snow. The glimpses are short and fast. Nice. What beast is this? Added some mystery there, but after that the movie goes down hill. In fact, it doesn’t go down -- it rockets down at speeds that NASA would be impressed with. I’m serious, we got a movie about Big Foot killing skiers. There was no tension. I don’t even want to explain the full storyline as I don’t want to put my fingers through such torture; my eyes and brain and physical body suffered enough for one night. One thing I do feel I need to add: The acting was good, but not good enough to carry the plot with conviction.

Moon of the Wolf on the other hand is interesting. In the start of the film, a young girl is found murdered. The young lady’s boyfriend wants revenge. They all think wild dogs did this. This movie has twists and turns at every angle. And it will keep you watching. We learn some old remedies to keep werewolves at bay and a dying French man who can see the mark of the next victim on their palm. About three quarters through we learn who the werewolf is. In this movie, Lycanthropy is a sickness and there is a pill that can hold it down. But he’s been missing his pills…

Scream of the Beast is a rip roarer of a movie. It is short as well at only 78 minutes. It starts hard and fast and keeps the story and action going. A man is being hunted by two masked men. He was the hunter, but now he has become one of the hunted. There is a safety point he must reach, through the forest and across a dry ravine. There’s a rumor that others like him (he has been bitten) can find a place to live in peace and to relax. Will he make it?

The movie is very cheaply made, has a cast of four and I think was made with a Handy Cam . BUT, it is interesting and the twist at the end will make you smile. It made me say, “huh?” and laugh.

The fourth movie is good in the respect that it is well acted and the suspense is excellent. This too is an old movie (they all were, I think). The family has a curse on it. A pact made with the devil through a Satanic Ritual preformed by a priest.

Colin returns home to bury his father. Part of the will states that he must remain in the house for a certain period of time and he will inherit the estate. The story is set in the late 1800s and some of the set looks very 90s (hahaha. I especially loved the wall switch. It was ignored as the cast used lanterns, surely they could have removed the switch) but forgive this error and the terrible Q&A between a doctor and Colin and you get a good suspense movie, where the cruse has passed onto Colin.

All in all, I only paid $6.99 shipping for this 4 movie pack, and was pleasantly surprised.

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