Friday, October 24, 2008

Blood Hunt -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

Blood Hunt. Vampires! Yikes!

The movies were:

Demon under Glass: A great movie. Made in 2002 with real actors. In this movie, there is a special “government” group and they want to catch a vampire. They want to learn more about this creature.

In a daring sting operation, they are successful. He is known as Vlad the serial killer who drains his victims of all blood, but he calls it survival. At first he is locked in a steal box and a young doctor is assigned.

The box can only be opened during the day when the sun is high above. There is a metal plate in place over the roof; if the vamp gets out of line, they open it and he dies. That is, if the stories about sunlight are true…

The scientists start testing him after he is healed. But the tests are just plain cruel and makes one wonder who is the real animal here? Also, we learn how blood is used for the vampire and also how the teeth work, via x-ray.

Vlad inadvertently becomes the guy to root for in this movie and we are pleasantly surprised with the ending. The scientific facts presented to us make so much sense it almost seems possible -- real.

The best scene in this movie is where the scientist, who has become a “friend” of Vlad goes out and gets him a hooker; for sex and food. The scene is so well done and convincing that it just ‘made’ this movie.

This is a classic movie. Buy it, watch it, then watch it again, and again and again…

How to slay a vampire: Stay away. Home made, bad acting and bad, stupid story that was meant to be funny but was in fact childish. Two brothers find a vampire in the basement wrapped up in a carpet and they invent ways to kill it.

Blood slaves of the vampire wolf: A lovely beautiful lady meets a horror lover. She seems interested in him and goes to his place. While he is cleaning himself up, she drops a pill into his wine. Drugged, he offers little resistance to her fangs and turns him into a slave to get new fresh blood for her. Which he does without emotion. Her bodyguard, is tired of the vampire queen (ex-movie star who didn’t fancy death) and the abuse she dishes out.

The police discover a tunnel under the house, with is very convenient. At the same time, the bodyguard has plans of his own. The guard is mute, but at the end, he laughs loud and proud.

It is a slow movie and the storyline is at least thought out. There were too many conveniences that made me groan, but all in all it an okay watch, nice time killer.

Sorority House vampires from Hell: For some unknown reason this video is interrupted for long periods of time so we can see some chick dance, naked or almost naked and listen to a very distorted TV set. After this the movie starts and it is fun. We got a vampire in broad daylight enticing young men to her so she can drink their blood and make them slaves, to get fresh blood for her. Each time she kills, a natural disaster occurs.

We got another vampire, who struggles for quite a while to get out of his coffin, followed by many mishaps that would make the Three Stogies smiles. This movie is a comedy with blood and a weak but okay storyline, mainly due to the humor. And if you like huge breasts, then this movie is a must for you.

If only they had kept the dancing out of it. I didn’t like having to sit there 4 or more minutes watching a lovely lady gyrating…hang on a minute (LOL). But seriously this destroyed the movie and what’s with the UFO demon in the TV set? Half of what he said I couldn’t hear. Speak clearly, man. But it does have a big breasted lady called, “Buffy”, if that’s any constellation.

Demon under the Glass is well worth full price of $18.95 alone.

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