Friday, October 24, 2008

Crank -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

Directed by Mark Neveldine
Brian Taylor

Writing credits
Mark Neveldine (written by) &
Brian Taylor (written by)

Crank is a rocking movie. It is typical Statham action flick (which he is very good at playing) and mixed with a little humor as well.

Jason plays Chev Chelios a hitman, who hits the wrong Chinese Tirade man. The top guy. For revenge his rival, Verona, injects him with "The Beijing Cocktail", a poison that will kill him when he slows down. To stay in the game he needs to keep himself pumped.

Eve, his (sexy) girlfriend thinks he is a game writer or creator. For Eve, whom he loves deeply, he is willing to leave the hitman business and start a life with her. Unfortunately, she doesn't believe him and storms out of the restaurant, he follows her. This leads to the movies top moment in comedy and disbelief. In the middle of this scene his phone rings and he answers it. Unknown to him, Eve follows and witnesses him in action, and gets involved in the action.

This film is a great time waster. I do wish the movie was a little more fleshed out than it was. There were some parts with no answers to them but each scene ran onto the other seamlessly and effortlessly as they are meant to when a movie follows the plot-line.

It is a formula style action movie so don't expect to be astounded but do expect enjoyment for your dollar.

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