Friday, October 24, 2008

Freddy VS Jason -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

Freddy VS Jason
Movie tie-in
Novelization by Stephen Hand
Based on the screenplay by Damian Shannon and Mark J. Swift

The book based on the screenplay. Let me start by saying, I loved this movie. Now, may I add that reading this book was painful and confusing.

Allow me to explain:

The book is from the original screenplay which differs from the movie we all saw. The beginning is very different. But that’s about it.

There’s this thing called POV (point of view), which allows the reader to follow the action and the character. This is hard to do when nearly every paragraph focuses on a someone different. Some writers like Phillip K. Dick can pull this off very well. Unfortunately, Stephen Hand, can not and it is this reason the book sucks. It is so hard to follow.

Now I have that off my chest, let’s take a look at the story itself.

In the DVD (movie), the visualization explains everything in seconds, like the boiler room or the construction going on at Camp Crystal Lake. In the movie, I just accepted it and enjoyed the movie. The main reason for buying this book was to see how a slasher was written and how all those movie props were explained. I also wanted to know what those things were called. For this the book excels. It explains the locations and action very well and the Nightmare on Elm Street series, making refs to part 4 (I could be wrong but after seeing so many Nightmares, they all kind of blend in). I also like learning how Freddy became Freddy via the black shadows that promised him eternal life. I also did not know that Freddy went to trail for the murders of little girls and was released. Were these scenes cut from the movies or is my memory just shot? In regards to Jason, I remembered everything mentioned, his past and his reason for existing. I did not know that he was a mommy’s boy.

The book remains on Freddy and the kids most of the way through, using them to carry the story. One main point for lovers of this movie and a solid reason to buy and read the book, despite the POV changes, is that the ending explains exactly who wins the battle. The POV jumped like crazy here, one paragraph for Jason, one for Freddy, and our 4 heroes, mainly Will and Laura.

I recommend getting the DVD and the book. Watch the movie on DVD, catch the alternate beginning and then read the book.

I mentioned earlier how well, Stephen Hand described the locations, I feel I should clarify this. Most of the scenes are described well, while with some (especially the party at the cornfield), it is best to
see the movie first, it helped a lot.

This is the very first movie tie-in I have ever read and was worried that this is how these types of books are written. I am glad I was wrong. Read some of my other movie tie-in reviews.

Over all rating out of 5: 3
Content, action, description: 4.5
Writing - style and prose: 2

Note: Worthwhile addition to any horror lovers bookshelf, standing next to the DVD.

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