Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lake Dead -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

Stupid title, damn fine film.

From Wikipedia:

Three sisters, Brielle (Kelsey Crane), Kelli (Kelsey Wedeen) and Sam, (Tara Gerard) who are on college break and find out about their grandfather who had just passed away, and he had left them a motel in his will. Their father, John (Dan Woods) tries to get them not to go, but the sisters ignore him and head off, taking their three friends, Tanya (Malea Richardson), Ben (Jim Devoti), Bill (Alex A. Quinn) and Bill's girlfriend, Amy (Vanessa Viola).

The group drives to the motel and meet the caretaker, an old lady who appears kind. After finding a lake on their property, the group of friends take a swim, not noticing that a dead Sam is floating underneath them. Bill and Tanya go to the woods to get firewood, but are killed. After a while, Amy begins worrying. Ben and Kelli go looking for their friends; once seeing Bill's dead body they are scared and run back to the RV. The friends learn that on the property are a group of crazed hillbillies who are the sisters' relatives because of inbreeding, and want them to join them in the family tradition of torture and murder.

The sisters fight to stay alive and overcome joining in their family's footsteps.

From Lee:

I wasn't sure why I picked up this DVD at the video store. The cover reminds me of the near final scene in Friday 13th. The back copy is not enticing -- if this was a book I would not have bought it -- but man am I glad I got it home.

I have not heard of 8 films to die for. Now, though, I am going to look for the others.

At first, I thought this film was odd but interesting, acting was bearable (got better), and it was obvious the writer was setting up the characters first.

As above, three sisters inherit a motel with a lake. One bitchy sister goes to the motel first and gets done in. And it is beautifully done. Vicious. Beautiful. Violent. The bad guys are unrelenting and are aptly named, Kane and Able.

The film is described as: a nightmarish world of brutal torture, murder, incest and necrophilia.

--Now I remember why I hired this film.

I'm going to buy me a copy next week.


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