Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mortal Fear -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

Mortal Fear by Greg Iles
624 pages.

Talk about
flying through a book! Man, this story just grips one and pulls them
along for a ride, they won't forget. There was one thing I found
off-putting and that was the inner conflicts of the MC. He's been a bad
boy, sleeps with his wife's sister wo has his baby. MC works for an
agency like cyber-porn but with words for the super rich only,
especially at $500 a month not everybody can join. And not just anybody
is accepted. It's cool job and MC gets to play out his fantasies also,
until a high profile author gets killed. Someone has broken into an
unhackable HDD and stolen the names and addresses of the cilents, and
is now selecting them one by one via online chats to discover who is
the next victim. This killer is smart and can hack into any system,
including the FBI. There is a special reason why the killer is choosing
his subjects and why his is only taking one part of them -- the same
part. I won't say what it is as that will spoil the first quarter of
the book.

On another note there is too much back story on
short lived characters and too much long breaks without anything
happening. Yet, the story does run smooth and is a great read overall.

Truly a book to check out.

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