Friday, October 24, 2008

RV -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

Robin Williams .... Bob Munro

Cheryl Hines .... Jamie Munro

Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque .... Cassie Munro

Josh Hutcherson .... Carl Munro

Jeff Daniels .... Travis Gornicke

Kristin Chenoweth .... Mary Jo Gornicke

RV is your standard run of the mill, done-to-death, vacation movie, starring the forever good, Robin Williams.

But there is something a little different to this movie. It holds your attention and doesn't let go. The chemistry between all the cast and the fantastic performances make this movie watchable.

That's watchable, not great.

The story is about Bob Munro, who has to cancel his family vacation due to work and a possible pay rise/bonus. He has to go into the mountains and get a small company to join his huge company.

He finds a compromise. What is a compromise? A compromise is where both parties miss out. In this case he hires a RV (recreational vehicle) the size of a bus and tells his family they are going on a trip to the Colorado Rockies.

No one is happy about it and are determined to make the trip a nightmare.

The nightmare starts off when Bob tries to make a three point turn on the single lane road and it escalates from there. Including the loss of brakes when they park, they need to put blocks under the tires to stop the RV from running away.

Cassie Munro: Dad, the RV's rolling away.

There are two excellent scenes in this movie which makes it worth the rental price. The scene where he needs to clean out the previous users crap from the toilet. And then the trip from a secret meeting back to the camp site via Diablo pass. The antics are fantastic.

Actually parts of this movie are slapstick.

Still, it's worth a watch. I wouldn't pay to own the DVD unless it was at a garage sale for a couple of bucks.

Watchable. Though Robin Williams is great and there are no tear-jerker parts in this film, although I think they tried a couple of times.

Cassie, age 5:

Bob Munro:
Yeah, baby?

Cassie, age 5:
I'm never gonna get married.

Bob Munro:
Why not? It's not as bad as it looks.

Cassie, age 5:
Because I always want to live here with you.

Bob Munro:
Well, you know, one day, you're gonna grow up, meet a wonderful guy,
and you're gonna get married. But you and I will always be best

[kisses forehead]

Cassie Munro:
[Scene switch] Dad, could you be any more of a dork?

Bob Munro:
Cassie, you know where this girl lives or you just think you know?

Cassie Munro:
I know where, I just know one way to get there. And you refuse to go that way.

Bob Munro:
Because it's a stupid way.

Jamie Munro:
You're lost, aren't you?

Bob Munro:
Yes I'm lost, because our daughter doesn't know where her friend's house it. She knows it's next to the house with the fountain.

(the above is borrowed from imdb)

Rating: 57%

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