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Script: The Matrix -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

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This is the site were one gets scripts to read via PDF and the good and SAFE thing is that they scan the pages first and then PDF the file. People are happy to copy and paste but not re-type, I guess. Most are HTML.

The site is very easy to navagate and opperate. It's child's play.

I think Chucky would had a groovy time here.

The site loads very fast, is of simple design and does what it promises.
These scripts are for Educational Purposes only.

If you want to read some scripts and post a review of them on this site under movie scripts reviewed, please do. I would love to hear what you have to say.

So, for May 6. 2006, the Daily Script is:

Mimic - june 19, 1996 production draft by Matt Greenberg & Guillermo del Toro

Should be an interesting read.

Written by
Larry and Andy Wachowski

These brother describe everything minute by minute, but the tension is there right from the start. I had actually forgotten the opening. It is not exactly like the film but close enough.

An example:

You can really SEE the action rolling out. (Can you tell I'm learning shit? It's bloody exciting) I can see how a book could easily be written from this script whereas with ROCKY BABOLA the movie would need to be seen.

The Matrix script is the original, prepublication, prerelease script 1996. There is another online that has the movie version.

This is the 1998 version in pdf format:

Reading this 133 pages script is like reading a visual book with no character expressions. Yet the action is very visual and full on.

This is a fantastic read.

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