Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Three Sixes -- reviewer Lee Pletzers

The Three Sixes - Self Titled CD.
Reviewed by Lee Pletzers (596 words)

The next level of evil…

Damien LaVey - voice, vision, necrophilia
Killswitch - guitars, homicide
Aleister Shiva - bass, backing vocals, dismemberment
Konnyaku - drums, corpse disposal

Dark, disturbing, wretched -- this is truly a great CD from a band quickly making its name known. Killswitch, Shiva and Konnyaku, produce hard and heavy audio that thumps into the walls and slams against your chest. Damien, writes lyrics which seep into your skin, infest your brain.

Gotta love this band.

Originally it was started as a project by leader Damien LaVey, with incredibly brutal lyrics, industrial and techno beats, heavy guitars, and drumming to die for, this band quickly gained favor in the underground movement. Universal Sign Records released their first album: Possession. The song Lord of the Dead, quickly became a favorite and was added to the sound track of the movie, "Hell Asylum" released by Full Moon Entertainment, directed and produced by Danny Draven. (Another crowd pleasing song is, I.F.T.D. A song, so sick and vile that the lyrics work perfectly. You’ll laugh at first, then discover your feet tapping.)

Quickly following this they released their second album: “Salvationless” on October 13th 2002. Since then, they haven’t stopped. Their song ‘God Denied’ played on the Fox Sports Net TV show “The Re-Evolution of Sports”. Then stage shows filled their lives. They played along side the likes of Body Count with Ice-T, The Iron Maidens, Sand Frog and many others.

In May 2004 Three Sixes released their latest video, Holy Man at "The Days of Darkness" horror movie convention, to promote the new upcoming Three Sixes CD simply titled "Three Sixes", which is a mixed of their two previous CDs, mentioned earlier.

And this CD rocks.

The songs, you’ll find are:

1) Hell’s home

2) Holy Man
(watch the video )

3) Paint it black (Rolling Stones cover - nicely done)

4) I.F.D.P

5) God Denied

6) Lord of the Dead

7) Possession

8) Alone and terrified

9) Salvationless

10) Heaven has died

11) Bleed for me

12) Lord of the Dead (radio re-mix)

13) Paint it black (unedited)

This is also an enhanced CD and contains the videos: Holy Man and God Denied. Both are extremely graphic and great fun to watch for anyone into horror -- especially horror music videos, produced underground. Both videos are totally awesome. The best songs on this CD, for me, are Hell’s Home and I.F.T.D, God Denied and Lord of the Dead. The lyrics are harsh and punch straight to the bone, the drumming is hard and fast as are the guitar rifts.

This is a different kind of thrash, dark, spooky metal band. You actually hear the words and can read them on the website: and they will shock you. Along with thousands of positive reviews from MetalFacton to Keeper to Beat Magazine.

I came across this site by accident and downloaded the music video, Holy Man. After seeing this I rushed to my credit card and ordered the CD, Three Sixes. The other two previous albums are sold out.

They have a new CD coming out soon, or so the website claims. I hope so. I can’t get enough of this band’s music. Can you guess what I’m listening to while I write this?

This band has the ability to rise above the best of best to reign supreme in local bands and underground music. And if they keep playing the way they do and keep the magic, the fan base is just going to grow.

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