Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Berserk by Tim Lebbon

This is the first Tim Lebbon book I have read and I liked it. The storytelling flow is smooth and easy to follow. I found I had read 50+ pages in one sitting and the story was still building up.

The book is about a 50ish year old guy whose son died 10 years ago in an army accident. He's never really believed it, thinking there was some kid of cover-up.

He was right.

One night at the local pub he overhears to men talking about Porton Down. That's where Steven was stationed. "They kept monsters." one of the men says in hushed tones. And before he knows it, Tom is on a journey of discovery and change; and digging up a mass grave, digging deeper and deeper looking for the body of his son.

A mummified corpse of a little girl touches his leg...
An ex army office who knows what happened in Porton Down is on Tom's trail and he has one idea in mind -- kill Tom and keep the girl buried.

I felt the ending was dragged out and quite long winded. I mean, the lead up to the ending. In saying that, it wasn't boring reading and the extent of Cole's sickness is well detailed and his reasons would seem logical to man such as him. Cole is the ex-army guy who buried Natasha alive, just so she could suffer.

Also Tom's reason for picking up a mummified girl seems a little too easy.

This book scores a 3 out of 5 for me. Frankly I was expecting more and this books idea had so much scope for more.

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