Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D

WOW! Fucking WOW! This movie (a remake of a decent slasher film) starts off hard and fast and it doesn't let up. You know most movies start off hard and fast and then slows down as the characters are developed so you feel for them and want to root for them. My Bloody Valentine is not like that at all. The characters are developed as the movie progresses. However in saying that, 'Tom's' character needed a bit more development, apart from that everything else flowed smoothly.

It was a basic script, basic story line, nothing too complex here but there are enough twists and enough gore spread out in perfect placement (time) that gel together to create an enjoyable 3D.

The 3D in this film was so well done. It looked really good through out the movie. I think the lack of CGI helped make the 3D more real. Twice I dodged a flying pickaxe. I recall seeing Journey to the centre of the Earth 3D. The effects were good and clean but there was so much CGI that it still looked neat, but ultimately fake.

Seeing this movie in standard format, just won't have the same impact. Please enjoy it in 3D, it's given horror the kick in the pants it needs.

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