Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dragging Wings by Jennifer Caress

Dragging Wings
Jennifer Caress
Publisher: Stone Garden
ISBN: 1-60076-117-8
Release date: TBA

Dragging Wings is book two in the Perverted Realities series, but it stands as a single, separate book.

This book took me by surprise as it is a collection of stories all interlocked by two characters: Sammy and Frankie, who seem to be trying to understand the world they live in and try to make connections with people they come across.

Jennifer Caress has brought together an interesting book with an interesting format. This book is a marketer’s worst night as it contains the genres: science fiction, horror, and dark fantasy. But together, as a whole, this book is simply: good.

The book kicks off with a great story (the best in my opinion) Take me with you, Thomas Manner. This story flows so smoothly it’s over before you know it. I cleaned this story in one sitting. The second story I struggled with, really not my cup of tea. Dandi is struggling with a her past and ends up battling her demons -- actually battling them to get back what she had lost. The third story is Noble the energy sucking vampire...and there are more amazing characters in this book. I’ll leave the rest for you to discover, but look out for Iliad, I liked this one as well.

There is a strange feel to this book as it touches several genres without choosing one and sticking with it.

Dragging Wing encompasses SpecFic full on and takes the reader on a ride into realistic characters and the lives they live.

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