Sunday, May 31, 2009

Terrorbyte by Cat Connor

Note: This review is from the unedited Manuscript version of Terrorbyte.

Having read Killerbyte and enjoying it enough to pop over to mobi-pocket and post a quick review, I was offered the opportunity to read Terrorbyte in it's final manuscript format. And it was a very interesting ride. I have never read a book in MS form (apart from my own) but I wanted to know what was going on with Ellie and Mac and Lee.

In Terrorbyte we meet a killer who uses Ellie's published book of poetry and leave lines at crime scenes. Personally addressed to her.

We see a slightly different side to Ellie in this book, there is a profound fear deep inside her; scaring her enough to ask to be withdrawn from the case. Her request is denied by Caine, he needs her on this one.

This book is more emotionally charged that the first book, Killerbyte.
Ellie's sharp wit is still intact and her inner dialogue is interesting, eye-opening and humorous at times, which is placed perfectly in the book to break the tension from the scene or to spice up needed conversation sections.

An intricate plot forms quickly (especially if you have read Killerbyte) as body bags mount up and the clues come dribbling in.

If you loved Killerbyte (and judging by the top ten ranking quite a lot of you did) then you'll love Terrorbyte as the stakes are raised and things get personal.

The book is currently with her publisher and soon to be released in the coming months. I think I will repost this review when the book comes out, just to refresh your memories.


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