Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anomalous Appetites -- John Irvine / Dave Freeman

When John asked me to review Anomalous Appetites, a SpecFic book of poetry, I had to pause and consider it. I have never reviewed poetry before. I have written it, had some published and occasionally enjoy hearing it, but this is the first time I've been asked to review it.

I accepted the challenge and the book arrived in the post four days later.

First off: It's a beautiful book, printed by Lulu. There are three introductions, first from Editor: John Irvine, then from art director: Dave Freeman and finally from Vlad Dracul (nice touch).

All the specFic poems inside the covers are good, some are exceptional and many are from people I know (on the net). I was surprised to say the least.

This book is amazing, the layout is second to none, some parts are like an Art Coffee Table book, with poems inside images, or surrounded by them. The art is just so well done, the layout is simple and easy to read, each author has there own section and each line echos SpecFic of a darker side. There are ghosts, vampires, werewolves, the ferryman, and a Goth girl with a snake tattoo.

My picks, in no particular order are:
All the work in this volume of Ken Head, especially Camera Lucida.
Cracking eggs by Maureen Irvine.
Jamaris Vu by Kurt Newton.
Disinfecting the tourist & Beadwork by Kristine Ong Muslim
Toll Call by Ken Goldman
Audition & Who's there by Guy Belleranti
Your love tears me apart & Axiomatic by Dave Freeman
Never to late to learn by Erin Mackay
Goth Girl & Shifter by Morgan Bloodaxe
The Sailor & Pale Dawning by John Irvine
Wood Shed & Harvest moon by Greg Schwartz

Those are my picks, you may like others. At 187 pages you're sure to mind several that will whet your appetite. The bios are also fun to read.


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