Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Z Day is Here by Rob Fox

Z Day is Here,
Journal of the Zombie Apocalypse
by Rob Fox
Publisher: Library of the Living Dead
Copyright 2009
ISBN 13: 9781448603077
209 pages

Wow. That's my initial reaction after finishing Z Day. I am not sure but I think this book started off as a blog book and was then picked up for a POD CAST and then publication. And it is well worth the read. Once you get past the formatting and typos (on purpose in some cases - it is meant to resemble a blog, not a book), you'll find yourself rooting for the MC and several of the stragglers he comes in contact with.

Our MC was in the city when the shit hit the fan. He has one goal, to reach his home and his fiancé. This book is a rush of action and interesting characters told after the fact. It is a blog, you have to keep reminding yourself of that, because the story will pull you in.

The book is a quick read (and I'm a slow reader), I finished it in three sittings. It is an account of the first 101 days of the Zombie Apocalypse and it starts with an interesting reason to how the world died. And it all started with a little boy. Read the first page, it is all explained in an excellent way -- as background to the story taking place. I loved that.

Zombies are the new vampires and this is the perfect book to set you on your travelling way through the land of the dead.

Once you finish this book, you're gonna want more and there is more. One of the characters continues the journal 280 days later. And you can find that blog HERE.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Deception Point by Dan Brown

Deception Point
A Corgi Book
ISBN: 9780552151764
583 Pages (c)2001

There's been a discovery. It's top secret and the president wants some private investigation into the thing. The president is struggling in the polls and is competition is hammering him over the errors that Nasa has made, and there are a hell of a lot of them.

It all sounds good, but the execution is poorly done. Brown feels the need to teach the reader science in a boring way, that drags on for pages and pages. Yes, his fiction is based heavily in fact but he doesn't pull this off like his other three books.

If most of the information he gives us could have been delivered in a more interesting way, like he did in Angles and Demons or Digital Fortress. If a hundred pages were cut, thing may have gone faster.

Don't get me wrong, the book is still a good read with several story lines coming together nicely. It's just unfortunate the main plot didn't work and bored me.