Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You Play, You Pay by B. L. Morgan

You Play, You Pay by B. L. Morgan
StoneGarden Publishing
ISBN: 1-60076-140-2
204 pages
(c) July 2009

I have read all of Bob's work. I have known this talented writer since 2001 (or was it 2000?) and was stoked to get a copy of his latest book: You Play, You Pay, in the post and I devoured it in to sittings (damn job lol).

I have one word for you: Fantastic.

This book is extremely readable and based on the premise of everyone's wish to find a bag filled with money. And Sheriff Hector O'Grady has done just that. He is thinking of his financial future after retiring and he knows that a cops retirement fund is not going to support him and his wife. Even now they are just getting by with two kids to feed and mortgage to pay.

Unfortunately, the money does belong to someone and that someone is a person you don't mess with and three men are sent out to find that money and get it back, regardless of the cost.

It is Hector who pays the greatest cost.

You'll fly through this book as the plot and characters carry forward from one page to the next. It is a short book and I really would have loved to see more.

Bob knows how to tell a tale and he spins the web so thick, one can't escape until the last page.


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