Friday, March 11, 2011

An Object in Motion by Ronald Barrios

An Object in Motion
by Ronald Barrios
Short story
80 Pages PDF file converted to ePub

So recently I've been reading a lot of crime stories/books and when I was offered a free read of Ronald's latest short I jumped at the chance. As soon as I finished Castle's  Heat Wave I instantly loaded this onto my Kobo.

Wow, what a blast, this PI is hard when he needs to be and is funny (wise ass) at just the right moments. The story runs smoothly bar one point (which I may have missed) and the ending is a surprise. The story is about an actress who thinks someone is stalking her and her life may be in danger. She has a live-in fitness trainer / lover (?), who is naturally the prime suspect (kind of makes me wonder why he would stalker her when he lives there but he does some unusual things that naturally point to him).

Most everyone in the book has a sordid past, the fitness instructor is a muscle bound steroid user and ex-seller, the actress has an abusive past--but has fond memories of her mother, there's a judge's wife, a high priced lawyer and a magazine editor looking for the inside scoop.

The book is a fast and easy read.

Description: Ruth Addems is a soap opera star on the rise, but when her house in the affluent neighborhood of Black Hawk is broken into it looks as if she has a stalker and she is reffered to Rey. But Rey quickly finds out that things aren't always as they appear. In the world of Hollywood everyone has secrets and most stories are the stuff that nightmares are made of. Rey learns that once an object is in motion, it remains in motion...

 This is a free ebook so grab yourself a copy


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