Monday, May 23, 2011

Home by Carson Buckingham

By Carson Buckingham
Digital ISBN: 978-1-937179-72-4
Cover art by: Bob Freeman

Home by Carson Buckingham is a surprise read. It starts off a little clich├ęd with an old woman who reads fortunes. Thirteen years old Lucille Sullivan and Katie Kavanagh are at Madame Samedi's House of the Future; part of the Leight & Fogg Carnival. Katie isn't interested in getting her future told by Lucille is dead keen on it. Suffice to say, the reading is interesting.

...and it propels you into the lives of these two girls as grown ups. The book has a lull in the middle with a much needed back story and Katie's life as a battered wife with a coward of a husband. She finally escapes his grip as she attends her mother's and Aunt's funeral.

In the will, Madame Samedi's reading comes true. Katie has everything she could imagine and sets about calling a lawyer to arrange a divorce. Later that night she heads pacing in the room next to hers but she is tired and goes to sleep. The next morning flour is upturned and a word is written in there.

And then things get even more interesting. The ending is unseen, even for this trained reviewer and all was wrapped up nicely.

Carson's writing is smooth and flows nicely paragraph to paragraph. The book is well thought out and Katie is a well rounded character who believe herself to be going insane.

You'll have a good time with this book as I did and you will find it hard to put down -- as I did.


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