Monday, December 26, 2011

What would Satan Do by Anthony Miller

What would Satan Do by Anthony Miller
Brother Maynard Publishing
ISBN: 0615540023
paperback Edition
392 pages

I bought this book based on two points:
1. The title is catchy.
2. Several people in Twitter were loving it.

Did I love it? Yes and No. It is a comedy and not to be taken seriously. The story is basically about Lucifer giving up his job in Hell ("Just popping out for a walk") and taking human form and living on Earth. He still has his powers and likes to squash frogs.

Satan is a teacher, who goes on a journey to stop the End of Times, which God is hell-bent on starting. You see, one day, the Devil read the bible and wasn't impressed with the fact he lost in the end, so he has decided not to let it happen. And does everything he can to stop it.

There are a whole lot of interesting characters in this book and the real fun starts after Satan is attacked and loses his memory and hooks up with a homeless dude: The prophet. And we meet the Antichrist.

The situations Satan finds himself in are serious but with a comedic bent. There are some really LOL moments in this book and some groans, but it was a fun read and well worth the time investment. There are a few typos but that's to be expected. The tale is a good one and the ending won't let you down.

All in all, a book well worth investing in and plopping on your bookcase.



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