Saturday, February 11, 2012

Death metal by Armand Rosamilia

Death metal by Armand Rosamilia
Kindle Edition 2011

Some people are gifted and success can come easily to them. Others like to leech off these people and others waste their gifts away. In a drug haze at University, Daniel and his friends are introduced to Death Metal, Black Metal, and the rest. They all dig it as they pop acid and roll joints.

One night, Daniel starts scribbling lyrics and decides to firm a band of only one person: him. He is a musical genius and can play all the parts and can splice them together. With his best friend acting as his agent, they hock their goods for recording time in a studio. Things are not looking good with their first album and Daniel has ideas for 10. He completes 7.

During the wait for a contract, Daniel takes up writing and his stories start to sell instantly.

Years later, Daniel has left all that behind him. He is now a successful novelist and off the drugs, totally clean. Then his daughter is kidnapped. The kidnappers only want one thing.

This is a well written book and a dead fast read. I really enjoyed it. Armand tells a great story with a fantastic ending and the action in the book jumps from past to present. These characters are people you might know, heard of or were part of in your youth.

The writing is tight and there is no filler. The pages are crammed with needed words tot ell an awesome tale. The ending will leave your mouth hanging open. I didn't see that coming.


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