Tuesday, February 7, 2012

World-Mart by by Leigh M. Lane

World-Mart by by Leigh M. Lane
Format: Kindle Edition
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  • Publisher: Cerebral Books (October 13, 2011)

Leigh M. Lane has created a world that is all too real a possibility (in fact it is starting to happen already). We are introduced to a normal family, husband--working in a job he doesn't really like, wife--doing the same; two kids, son and daughter at prestigious schools. 

They live in a world where everything is controlled by corporate and energy sources are low. No lights after 8pm, the only heat comes from a small flame in the middle of a snow filled winter.  

As a family they are doing okay until the mother touches a virus tainted business card and the virus takes hold quickly. She is taken to hospital where she dies and the family are given a small box of ashes. They are naturally grief stricken and the husband is given 2 days off work, compliments of the corporation. 

But the mother is not dead. She is being held against her will as a Deviant. Deviants are the other humans who did not join the corporation. Corp has reprogrammed Humans (corp controlled people) to be weary of Deviants (non-corp controlled people) because they have smaller brains and blue eyes and are not human. 

Mother escapes with the help of deviants and joins their battle against the corporation.  

This is a great book that shows the destruction of a family unit. The downward spiral is amazing to witness. The differences between the classes is profound, there is no blurring of the lines. And behind all this is a massive secret that Corp is desperate to keep hidden. 

I really did not want this book to end. 
The writing is tight and crisp and to the point. 
A great find.