Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mile 81 by Stephen King

Mile 81 by Stephen King
Kindle version

Mile 81 is King returning to monsters. It kind of reminds me of The mist, in that this monster could create tentacles. The monster came in the form of a car and it parked at a deserted rest stop.

Sleeping in one of the abandoned buildings at the rest stop is Pete Simmons, a 10 year old who went to this place when his older brother went off with the "big kids". He was meant to stay out of trouble but in the old building he finds half a bottle of whiskey (?) and after three swallows is feeling kind of drunk and decides to take a nap.

During his nap, three people are eaten by the car. He wakes up to see the parents of a six year old and her little brother get munched up and as he is the older of the kids, he feels inclined to step up and defend them.

There is a lot of character description here (as with all of Kings work) but I felt kind of ripped off when I read pages about a character only to see him/her get munched on. But was good to read King back in his old stomping ground of Stand By Me, Christine and From a Buick 8.

This is a good and fast read and enjoy chapter one of King's newest book (at the time) 11/22/63.

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  1. What in the hell is going on at the boarded up rest stop at mile marker 81 on the Maine Turnpike? Not much, a little underage drinking, adolescent curiosity, terror, and murder! King is still the master, this is a good book!