Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am Wolf by Joann H. Buchanan

I am Wolf by Joann H. Buchanan
Publisher: World Castle Publishing (January 21, 2012)
Kindle Version
YA fiction

I really got into this story of a troubled teen sent off to live with his grandfather. He's not sure why he has to live away from his friends and the lovely city but he is forced to go and feels that his parents are getting a divorce, which is why he was sent away. The truth on the other hand is a different story. Jonah is about to change for the first time. His bloodline is that of a wolf. He meets his pack, friends he had in his childhood when he used to live out here in the sticks. They are all wolves.

All is good for awhile until a lone hunter, Ralph, (well and truly mad) kidnaps the little brother of Jonah's girlfriend at the behest of Gracie (an imaginary woman that is his perfect woman). Ralph is one of the best characters in this novel. He really comes alive and jumps off the page. A few flashbacks paint him in a darker light but one cannot help but know this kind of person, if not in real life, but from society in general.

The pack track him down but it is Jonah and Alaynee who face him and it is here that Jonah makes a terrible mistake that results in an unnatural. A violent and dark creature.

I really liked I am Wolf until it bogged down in traditional Indian lore and though I have no problem with that (even liked some of it), it went on way too long to the point I started to think it was filler and nothing more. Why? Because Jonah, who created the unnatural, has a link to him and knows where he is headed and asks his pack if they will follow him. They do, naturally. And that is where I turned off my Kindle.

The first half of this book and Jonah's assimilation to his new world was awesome reading. The horror of the unnatural was also great and Joann H. Buchanan did a great job of world building and character building and I'm sure I turned off the Kindle a tad too early but I had lost the fire, the mystery that fueled the tale for me.


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