Friday, May 4, 2012

Finding Poe by Leigh M. Lane

Finding Poe
Leigh M. Lane
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Publisher: Cerebral Books (March 18, 2012)
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I bought a copy of this a few days before being asked to review this by the author. Having read Leigh's other book I was keen to jump into this one. And jump I did.

The overall story is great but we don't meet Poe for quite awhile. Karina's husband Brantley, had become embroiled in a scandal and the only thing he can do is to move them to America and take up position in a light house. Things go weird after that. Brantley starts to go into a bout of madness, searching for a treasure that does not exist. He sends Karina to go shopping on the mainland and his directions get her lost in the forest. Here she learns the light house has a curse, acquires a dog that follows her around, meets some strange people also looking for treasure.

Back home, Brantley seems to have changed and became a nice guy again for all of a few hours, then he decides to kill Karina. After she escapes and finds a letter address to Poe, that's when the trouble starts.

Leigh had written this tale with a Poe(ish) style or flare. There are several references to his stories and poems, tho subtle they may be to the casual reader. The writing pulls you right in and you are held captive by the unfolding tale. I do have one complaint though: I felt there was a lot of unneeded repeated dream sequences and the madhouse experience seemed to drag on. I think Leigh was adding to the Poe experience as I recognized several of the references but I felt those pages were not needed and removing them might have made a tighter story. Despite that, the writing is fluid and enjoyable and well worth your time.

4 of out 5 starts for me.

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