Monday, March 18, 2013

The 10 o'clock People by Stephen King

The 10 o'clock People by Stephen King
Audio Book

This was my first audio book. I had read the short story in one of King's collections (I forget which one). This audio book was sold as a stand alone awhile back when I was considering audio books but not really using them. You know, you buy something for later use but never actually get around to using it and it just sits on the Hard Drive. We've all been there. But with jogging becoming a major role in my life, I decided to download the MP3 file onto my walkman and have a listen while pounding the cold, dark streets.

The 10 o'clock people is an amazing tale of the Bat People (aliens) taking over the world. Only a few people can see through their disguises of human appearances. These people are folks who tried to stop smoking but went back to the habit and now the chemical imbalance as altered their perception field and they see the Bat Man (not the one with the cape and billions of dollars).

There is a group of resistance fighters learning as much as they can and taking out a few along the way, until a deal is reached for a truce. None of the resistance fighters are interested but the truce was a lie and the Bat Men charge into the meeting and all hell breaks lose.

The reader was over-acting the script but after awhile I got used to it and got lost in the story. I listened to this novella over two jogging sessions and was so immersed on the second day that I missed my turn point and ended up a little lost in a new area wahahaha. But that is the power of this story. The Bat Man makes me think of Lovecraft horrors (not Cthulhu of course) but others. Possibilities.

I think some books are better in audio format.

4 stars

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