Thursday, May 2, 2013

Midnight by Stephen Leather

Stephen Leather
473 Pages Paperback edition
Published by Hodder

Stephen Leather hooked me with Nightfall, the first of the Nightingale supernatural thrillers. And book 2: The Search for his sister did not disappoint. We faced a known demon from Hell, there were many references to Nightfall (so read that book first) and we discovered a baby eating Satanist and two new kick-arse demons. Awesome.

In this book Nightingale must make a deal with a demon called Proserpine where each question answered she will send one killer after him. He gets the answer for three questions. We don't know what these questions are until much later. After finding his sister and tricking two high ranking demons and two serial killers, the third killer almost gets him. But there's a twist (of course).

I am confused by Jenny's character in this book. In the first it is hinted that they'd get together and she seems like a decent enough assistant and there's a lot of comedy between them, but she comes across often pissed off in this book, especially with Nightingale's sister (considering who she is) and when we reach the conclusion she bitching about the deal that was brokered.

One complaint I have for this book is the dinner party and shooting the next day. I understand why it was added as it casts a weary eye on a few characters, but still, were so many pages needed or were they filler? I did like Nightingale's talk with God.

4 out of 5 stars

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