Friday, March 28, 2014

Amped by Daniel H. Wilson

Finished AMPED by Daniel H. Wilson.

It was okay, but I kind of expected more due to critics praises. It was a good story of us verses them and it was a well written book and easy to read. One downer was the lack of empathy I had for the main characters. The bad guys were well done and all characters were well formed but something was missing. There was no spark between the love interest and the only REAL character was Nick, a kid with a Rubik cube.

Still, all in all, it was a fun and quick read and a glimpse into a possible future as technology advances.

What are Amps? People with an illness can get a computer chip attached to their frontal lobe and it cures almost everything. Naturally the military went overboard and created 12 super amps with five levels of tactics, speed, recovery, everything to be a perfect weapon.

Owen Grey was in an accident in high school which left his brain severely damaged. His father, an implant doctor, gets his hands on the only thing that can save his son's life -- a 13th military amp, called a Zenith. Whereas the other 12 Zeniths have 5 levels of skills, Owen's father added something special.

Now it's his time to prove himself as the world is turned on its head and people with implants (any implant) are legally discriminated against and forced into small groups to protect themselves as jobs, money and housing is stripped from them.


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